The path of you, my son (Ondrej)

FOR YOU NY: I LOVE THIS MUSIC BY HEARTH! NO COMMERCE, BE YOURSELF BEGIN´ (IMP.); BE IN "YOUR MIND" RIGHT THERE APPRENTICE: (NO INTRUD. POLICY) OR (there is no money, no success, no world outside to get "more" and so on /real Williams/) To say NO, means "real no" and that is "really not beautiful" and means "I live" to be honest (Ghándí, King) and that is "full of darkness and full of hateress of the other ones" to get you down as criminal mind (Ondrej) and as crazy spirit (everybody will say, everybody will elim. in your hearth) and then my boy, you will be livin´ and we will meet in ONE (promise); lot more we will sing´

  1. as worthy I have recognised I will say to you teachin´ (old wisdom): you see your hand and fingers and possibly, or not (?), you sit in real darkness or semidarkness (nice word to me boy) and you are shaking a bit seein´ that kind of fingers? Why? This answer my boy es real science!
  2. Your resonation with "memories" of others are not real (first step to be free!)
  3. Your shaking of nerves at your beginning ist beautiful (Chinese)
  4. Your genes You think what about? Born whithout reason in your society? Why, Cosmos silly? (real Williams)
  5. Have somebody You can trust, bcs. otherwise you will be homeless (try not to be begin´ or just like that and no diein´ /real me/)
  6. Now real thing (sorry, not real; o): You thing so, you say something "less" (language lead you only to death of body, sorry boy); understand, you motivate yourself (hand up, you say left) and you go further (Ondrej); try to move thinkin´ so (theology)...(maybe, you will see some kind of beauty of your movement...); and: I was silly, but silly means "five" and so on ...Then try to work concentrated and they will (!) hate you at your office! Very good, you will pray let be livin´ and practice YOU! They will say to you "Me thinks you should" and you say "I will, I can, I of course should", but (?), you think something totally different letin´ you words flowin´; they say "hey" and you say "yes" and so on ...Be automatically and resonatin´ much to be "there like inside"! Waw, that really is the case bein ´so! The whole thing! Very much deeper it will go to your "symbolic" shit and so on - your care! The level you will choose for you self! Movements have meanings for YOU! A very rare lovin´level od meditation is: "The light of that lamp has a meaning for me", bcs. I choosed to study "other things", not the "real lamp", that everybody knows! But you did not forget what the others did see and say!